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Nice to Meet You!

Hi, Cashé here!

In late fall of 2022, I enrolled to pursue a lifelong interest in becoming a dog trainer. After countless hours of bookwork and an internship with the most PAW-SOME trainer in Pensacola, Fl, I have finally graduated as a Certified Dog Trainer! Using positive reinforcement techniques, Ms. Kristie (CCBC, CGCE, ABCMDT) has years of experience training service dogs, Canine Good Citizen dogs, behavior modification, and basic obedience (you can find her here).

As much as I have learned about our beloved canine companions, there is just as much that I have had to unlearn. From stereotypes and clichés of what we think dogs do and don't understand, to myth-busting dietary needs, and more, I want to bring you interviews and tips from some of my best mentors, and colleagues in the doggy field. I would like to make it very clear that I am not, nor do I claim to be a veterinarian. For questions regarding your pets specific needs, always consult a trusted, licensed veterinarian.

Those that know me, know my absolute adoration for my dogs. They are my world! But as I'm sure we all know, no two dogs are the same, and each one has their own personality and needs. So, through a combination of my desire to give them the best lives ever, my experience in the veterinarian field, and everything I've been learning through my program, I feel like I have SO much to share!

So, come join the paw-ty and let's make friends!


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