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Low vs High Value Training Treats

Hard work, should come with great reward; but who decides if the reward is great enough for the work? For some dogs, picking a reward to keep them motivated during training is easy. Roman for example is happy to have simple kibble as a reward. However, dogs like Daisy, that get distracted and antsy during training, need something REALLY delicious to keep their attention.

If you're having trouble motivating your pup during training sessions, here's a rule to reference when picking rewards they will love!

Low value rewards are treats that your dog is used to like kibble, biscuits or even veggies. These

are snacks that your dog most likely gets often and are best used to reward already known behaviors.

High value rewards are treats that your dog would do ANYTHING for. They should be something extra special that your dog doesn't get often. High value rewards should be small, quick and easy to deliver to prevent distraction from training. A few examples are chopped sausage, hotdog, cheese, or freeze dried meat (the training treats I swear by are linked here). Since your dog doesn't get these treats often, they should keep motivation high while training/rewarding new behaviors.

Once you and your pup feel confident with a new behavior, you can keep them on their toes by intermittently rewarding with low and high value rewards. This way, they stay motivated by the chance of receiving that super paw-some reward!

And of course, never hesitate to consult your veterinarian for any dietary advice specific to your furry friend.


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