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Amazon Must-Haves

Over the years, I have wasted an embarrassing amount of money on products for my dogs. Flashy ads and packaging often persuade me to make an impulse purchase. But here are a few items that deserve a round of a-paws!

These single ingredient training treats are bite sized, perfect for quick rewarding during training sessions. Since they are freeze dried, they keep your hands virtually mess free.

My dogs go INSANE over them! With these treats, I am able to keep their undivided attention for entire training sessions.

Don't let the price on this pouch scare you away. I couldn't live without it! It can be worn as a crossbody or belt bag. It features multiple compartments for your phone, keys, and personal items along with a space for your training treats, and a poop bag dispenser slot. It's made from 100% recycled material that is super easy to wipe clean when needed. And it comes in the CUTEST colors!!

These durable chew toys are great for doggy enrichment. I started using them when our pittie, Roman, started showing signs of separation anxiety, which included tearing up our walls, floors, etc. Before leaving the house we fill a Kong with peanut butter, treats, yogurt and other yummy treats and they keep him occupied for quite awhile! They come in different strengths for different level chewers.

Often, Daisy and PeeWee come to work with me and some days the office can be a little chilly. I wanted something that was quick and comfortable to put on/take off as well as easy to wash. These sweaters are PERFECT! I got a size medium for my two 7lb dogs.

This car seat is PeeWee approved! He loves to see out of the window, but he's so little he doesn't get much of a view. This seat allows him to see out of the window in a safe and secure way. It straps on to the middle console and has a leash attachment inside to strap your pup in. The interior pillow is also removable, making it easy for washing.

Speaking of car rides....

"The #1 vet recommended and selling solution to help calm and relax your dog at home or on the go!" I had heard about ADAPTIL while working in the veterinary field but had never tried it until we started struggling with managing Daisy having car anxiety.

By mimicking a mother dog’s natural nursing pheromones. this spray helps calm and comfort dogs.

In addition to increasing positive experiences with car rides, we used some of this and it seems to really help. I also use it to help relax and comfort my doggy massage clients. It also comes in a plug in diffuser version for your home!

To end our long days of training, playing, and car rides, my dogs love to rest their sleepy heads on these orthopedic beds. The bolstered L-shape makes for a nice little pillow and the removable cover makes for easy washing. PeeWee and Daisy share a medium size with plenty of room to stretch out. It comes in a medium or large size and in a variety of colors.

I keep these all in a saved list just for my dogs to make for easy reordering when needed and swear by them all!!


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